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Active Retired Members (ARM) $50 annually

In 1996, OSSTF/FEESO established a new type of membership specifically for Active Retired Members (ARM). This allows retired members of OSSTF/FEESO who wish to remain actively involved with their colleagues politically or socially to rejoin OSSTF/FEESO.

Active retirement offers an opportunity for continuing involvement with the educational community at both the local and provincial levels.

Local chapters of ARM have been or are being organized to provide members with opportunities to gather for social events and/or political action activities.

The experience, skills and abilities of retired members are valuable resources that should be utilized to further goals in areas such as political action, legislative lobbying, crisis assistance, research, communications, and public relations.

Special Message from Bruce Awad

This is a reminder that your annual 2023-2024 social membership fee of $10.00 is due by June 30, 2023 . Please send a cheque payable to 'ARM Chapter 9' and mail it to OSSTF, 547 Victoria Ave., Windsor, Ontario, N9A 4N1 by June 30, 2023. This is also a reminder that you can instead register as an ARM full member for $50.00 annually by completing the application form (use Link on right). This will entitle you to attend our two luncheons for free (a $50.00 value) plus 8 free breakfasts (a $17.00 value) as well as workshops for free.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do decide to become a full ARM member there is no going back to a social member as we discontinued social memberships in 2014. We sincerely hope you will join as a full ARM member as it helps fund our activities and supports the organization. If you continue as a social member you will have to pay for the luncheons if you attend. (Last years' cost was $25.00 each but likely to increase this year) and pay for breakfasts you attend ($17.00 value) Sincerely,
Bruce Awad, President, ARM Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Membership Numbers

Active Members: 245
Private: 4
Social: 21

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