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Retired High School Teachers and Educational Workers

This website contains information and help to Retired Members of OSSTF

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ARM Chapter 9 supports Windsor Salt Striking Workers

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Message from Bruce Awad, President

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Bruce Awad, President, ARM Chapter 9

Special Message from Bruce Awad

This is a reminder that your annual 2023-2024 social membership fee of $10.00 is due by June 30, 2023 . Please send a cheque payable to 'ARM Chapter 9' and mail it to OSSTF, 547 Victoria Ave., Windsor, Ontario, N9A 4N1 by June 30, 2023. This is also a reminder that you can instead register as an ARM full member for $50.00 annually by completing the application form (use Link on right). This will entitle you to attend our two luncheons for free (a $50.00 value) plus 8 free breakfasts (a $17.00 value) as well as workshops for free.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do decide to become a full ARM member there is no going back to a social member as we discontinued social memberships in 2014. We sincerely hope you will join as a full ARM member as it helps fund our activities and supports the organization. If you continue as a social member you will have to pay for the luncheons if you attend. (Last years' cost was $25.00 each but likely to increase this year) and pay for breakfasts you attend ($17.00 value)

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